Bring on the Wall!

January 13th, 2011 by admin

I am delighted that my letter of 17 February 2010 to the Daily Telegraph has been included in Iain Hollingshead’s compendium, I Could Go On. As the original letter has been severely pruned, I am taking the opportunity to publish it in its entirety for the amusement of my loyal readers.

They will recall that the new ‘scanner’ reveals nude images of travellers. These are so graphic and detailed that examples have had to be ‘pixillated’ before publication in the media.

If the new airport body scanners are intrusive (report, 16 February), why not issue all passengers with Lycra body suits like those worn on television’s Bring on the Wall?
Thus attired, ‘celebrity’ contestants are challenged to avoid being tipped into a pool by a polystyrene screen. Nothing in these outfits is concealed or, indeed, left to the imagination.
Passengers unwilling to wear them would have to submit to the scan.
Yours faithfully,
Rupert Willoughby
I cannot understand why my suggestion has not already been taken up by the airport authorities.
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